Our vision is to establish an Acts 2 mindset in our children, and help them to understand that they are a key part of this community: not separate from it.

The Acts 2 church was a devoted group of believers who stood out in their community. They went beyond societal and political norms and put God first in everything. They were devoted to God and loving each other well. They worked together, ate together, prayed together; did life together. They were an example to their communities of faith, life, and love. They were a community of men, women, and children. All believers had everything in common.

As a church our aim is to develop a true Acts 2 community, everyone, no matter how small, is included in that vision. We want to create an Acts 2 community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family, and are committed to God and each other.


Our mission is to establish an unshakeable, forever foundation in Christ through Faith, Influence, and Community.

Core values

Faith: Maintaining a belief, reliance, loyalty, and trust in God based on the Word and powered by His Spirit.

Influence: Being an example in speech, action, love and faith. Living a Spirit-led lifestyle.

Relationship: Helping create a bond between parents, children, siblings, and God that equips and empowers families to grow together in Christ.